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Instant Brainstorming - FREE

A tightly focused guide on running excellent brainstorming sessions.

Shorter than the rest of our ebooks, Instant Brainstorming gives expert guidance on running brainstorming sessions better - and best of all, you can download it for free.

Instant Creativity

Over 70 techniques to be used in creative problem solving and decision making.

Our popular book Instant Creativity is now available as a PDF download. For a small fee you can download a copy of this 117 page book to your PC and read it on the screen or print it off.

Instant Teamwork

Improve the way a group of people works together, to enhance their creative output.

Based on our popular title, this PDF ebook contains over 70 games and exercises to provide ice-breakers, warmups and timeouts to enhance teamwork and group creativity.

Instant Motivation

All your staff can deliver much more than they currently do - but how to motivate them?

Whether you are motivating an individual, a team, or a large group, the quick and easy techniques in this book will help make the difference between almost and success.


If you prefer, we can provide any of our Instant downloads in HTML format to be used as a quick reference on your intranet. Pricing goes on the same bands as the instant e-books. Drop us an email at for more on multiple copies.


Pricing is mix and match, in bands:

   * individual copies £4.99 each (Organizing a Murder £10.99)

   * Up to 20 copies licence £70

   * Up to 100 copies licence £300

   * Up to 1,000 copies licence £2,000

   * Up to 2,000 copies licence £3,000

   * Up to 5,000 copies licence £5,000

   * Up to 20,000 copies licence £7,000

   * Unlimited company licence £10,000



To download a copy or to see more details and a sample, click through to the book of interest below. To order licences for multiple copies or HTML versions for your intranet, drop us an email at






Instant Interviewing

Tips and techniques to improve your interviewing skills (or your performance in interviews)

Interviewing is something many managers are required to do in their spare time or with little training. This compact book packs in the techniques and expertise to be an effective interviewer.


Six of the titles from our popular instant series are now available for instant download at a bargain price. Each e-book contains essential techniques or exercises to make a real difference in practical business.

Instant Stress Management

There has never been a more stressful time to be in business. But you can take control.

Stress can be a killer or the edge that makes for success. This book is packed with techniques to control stress and get the most out of a busy life.


Organizing a Murder

Get the creative juices flowing by taking on something completely different. Ideal for away days.

A creative alternative to spice up team meetings and events, Organizing a Murder is a collection of 12 mysteries to be solved as an activity by individuals or teams.