Not to be confused with the sixteenth century sacred choral composer John Taverner, Tavener's music is a unique blend of the modern church tradition and the exotic rhythms of the Orthodox church.


Christmas Proclamation - St. John's College, Cambridge.

Here is a chance to hear Tavener at his best. This incredible value for money CD (at the last check under £7 in the UK) includes his two best-known pieces, the stunning The Lamb, as featured in the recent Orange mobile phone TV ads, and Song for Athene, which was used at Diana, Princess of Wales' funeral. But there's plenty more too - try, for example, Funeral Ikos - it's a wonderful CD, with a thoughtful performance from the choir of St. John's College, Cambridge.

God Is With Us: Christmas Proclamation, Song For Athene, The Lamb, The Tiger, Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, Funeral Ikos, Two Hymns To The Mother Of God: Hymn To The Mother Of God. Hymn For The Dormition Of The Mother Of God, Love Bade Me Welcome, As One Who Has Slept, The Lord's Prayer, Svyati 'O Holy One'

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